The Dangers of Our Everyday Food

dangers of eating burgers and meat

How does eating this harm us?

Dangers of Our Everyday Food:

  • Regular intake of fast foods leads to health complications e.g. serious liver conditions. A man has proven this through his own experiment – eating McDonald’s meal for each meal over 30 days, and his health took a turn for the worse. He tried to contact McDonald’s but his calls were not entertained.
  • The meat that we are eating is not safe – the animals are bred in unacceptable conditions and the processing of meat e.g. for hamburgers uses very harmful chemicals. The cows have been injected with growth hormone and antibiotics, and are also fed grains instead of grass, and this practice can lead to a higher risk of consumers getting heart diseases.
  • The chicken wings/drumlets/nuggets that we eat come from chickens grown with hormones, to make them all equal in size, and they ended up not being able to move much, as their feet cannot hold the weight of their enlarged bodies. These chickens were living in overcrowded farms, breathing in and living with their own faeces.
  • A 2 year-old-boy died just a week after eating hamburgers contaminated with E.coli. And his mom fought the government to introduce Kevin’s law.
  • The media advertises fast food like nobody’s business, and uses very cunning ways to attract the innocent children.
  • Monsanto’s evil was the fact that he controlled the farms, by genetically modifying the plants so they contained pesticides, and then harrassed the farmers who tried to ‘blow the whistle’ but who were at the mercy of Monsanto because of their debts. The poor farmers could not report anything to the authority, as the officials in the authority were also working for Monsanto.

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